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News and Notes 11/13/2019

Aunt Lute @ the NWSA 2019 Conference

The 2019 National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference at the Hilton in Union Square, San Francisco is taking place from November 14-17. Come find us at Booth #3217 in the Yosemite Room, and check out these panels presented by Aunt Lute authors! Visit the NWSA site for registration information.

Date: 11/15

Time: 9:35am - 10:50am

Location: Hilton Union Square, Floor: Tower 3, 4th Floor, Union Square 12 (LCD)

This roundtable will introduce the audience to The Chicana M(other)work Anthology: Porque Sin Madres No Hay Revolución (March 2019) and will offer a reading of selected chapters. This anthology is a collection of research, testimonios, and essays by Chicana and Women of Color Mother-scholars and allies who center mothering as a form of knowledge-production and transformative labor through an intersectional lens: The anthology serves to “write ourselves into existence” by unveiling radical narratives of Chicana and Women of Color mother-scholars who survive, thrive, and identify new ways of knowing justice while mothering our children, ourselves, and our communities.

Presenters include Larissa M. Mercado-López (El Mundo Zurdo 3-6).

Date: 11/16

Time: 3:20pm - 4:35pm

Location: Hilton Union Square, Floor: Ballroom Level, Imperial B (LCD)

NWSA held its annual conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2014, 3 months after Israel's war on Gaza. NWSA president was Tricia Lin bell hook was the keynote speaker. Chandra Mohanty organized a presidential panel, attended by over 2000 members. Angela Davis, Rebecca-Vilkomerson, and Islah Jad, Egyptian feminist and former director of Institute for Women'd Studies at Birzeit University, Palestine, spoke. Scholar/activists who've been focusing their efforts on connecting feminist praxis and Israel's colonization, racism and occupation in Palestine, decided on the spot to organize to call on NWSA to condemn Israel's Gaza massacre and adopt BDS.

Date: 11/14

Time: 4:10pm - 5:25pm

Location: Hilton Union Square, Floor: Tower 3, 4th Floor, Union Square 08

This roundtable analyzes Jewish women’s activism in many eras and regions, emphasizing the politics of knowledge. One speaker analyzes Jewish women sociologists in mid-20th-century South Africa, whose ethnographies promoted anti-apartheid activism. Another recovers marginalized Jewish women journalists from turn-of-the-century San Francisco, whose articles advocated gender and economic equality. A third reclaims feminist imaginaries in Yiddish literature. Lastly, two speakers use Jewish feminist theory to explain how Jewish American communities can better understand white supremacy, and thus better join racial justice coalitions. Though varied, these topics all emphasize how Jewish women activists have disrupted dominant knowledge systems to advance social justice.

Presenters include Penny Rosenwasser (Visionary Voices: Women on Power)


Aunt Lute to be at the SFMoMA Small Press Book Bazaar on December 8

Get all your holiday gifts at SFMoMa’s Small Press Book Bazaar. The event will take place in the Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box at SF MoMA on Saturday, December 8. It is free and open to the public (along with the rest of the museum’s exhibitions that day). The Bazaar will take place on opening day of the new exhibition Printed Publics: Contemporary Art and Design Publishing in the Bay Area, and is organized in collaboration with The Black Aesthetic, Cantíl, Colpa Press, The Poetry Center, and Small Press Distribution.

Date: 12/8

Time: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box, SF MoMA, 151 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Graffiti's SF Launch was a Blast!

Aunt Lute’s newest title Graffiti launched in three cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco! Thank you to all who came to our Launch event last month, and we are deeply appreciative of our impressive lineup of readers and panelists who shed new light on writing and identity.

Check out featured excerpts of Graffiti in Long Reads and Another Chicago Magazine!


Last month, Joan Pinkvoss participated in a marathon reading of 'Borderlands,' honoring Gloria Anzaldúa's influential work. Hosted by writer Sarah Schulman with co-programming by visual artist Shellyne Rodriguez, writer Charles Rice-Gonzáles, and Society for the Study of Gloria E. Anzaldúa founder Norma Cantú, this marathon reading brought over 50 readers to Performance Space New York. Learn more about the event and Anzaldúa's contribution to the cultural canon in Hyperallergic's article "Gloria Anzaldúa’s Groundbreaking Book About Life on the Borders Gets a Marathon Reading."

Click here to read Hyperallergic's article on the event!


Author Events

  • November 14 @ 8pm: Carrie Rodriguez’ LABORATORIO w/ guests, Eva Ybarra and ire’ne lara silva, Cactus Café, Texas Union, 2247 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

  • November 16 @ 7pm: Reading with Esteban Rodriguez and ire’ne lara silva, Malvern Books, Austin, TX

  • November 10 @ 4 pm: Word BK hosts Basement Readers Theater Group Reading of LeAnne Howe’s “Savage Conversations,” 126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Author Updates

Nancy Agabian (Me as her again)

  • The Association of Writers and Writing Programs announced in October that Dan Vera is one of nine new board members beginning a four-year term in November. Congratulations, Dan!

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