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El Mundo Zurdo

Selected Works from the Meetings of The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa, 2007 & 2009


Edited by Norma E. CantúChristina L. GutiérrezNorma Alarcón, and Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz


This collection of essays, poetry, and artwork brings together scholarly and creative responses inspired by the life and work of Gloria Anzaldúa. The diverse voices represented in this collection are gathered from the 2007 national conference and 2009 international conference of the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa (SSGA). More than 30 scholars, activists, poets, and artists contributed to El Mundo Zurdo, whose release coincides with the SSGA's second annual international conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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Product info:

363 pp  |  Paperback  |  2010  |  9 x 1.1 x 6 inches  |  ISBN 9781879960831


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