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2023 submissions are now open! In order to submit manuscripts for our consideration, you must fill out the application form below. All submissions must be submitted online. If you require assistance or a different arrangement due to incarceration, disability, or accessibility, please reach out to

Before submitting, we encourage you to consider how your manuscript relates to Aunt Lute's mission.

Once submitted, please expect to hear back from us within 3-6 months. We know this is slower than many larger presses, and unfortunately this is our capability in this time. We appreciate your patience.


- We do not accept children's books or single-author submissions of poetry.

Additionally for magical realism, realistic fiction, high fantasy, science fiction, and poetry anthologies, we feel like we may not always be the best fit although we have accepted and published books that fit some of these genres in the past. Please use your discernment when deciding whether to submit to us by looking through our titles section and reconnecting to our mission.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to us and is waiting to hear back. Our small team is working to respond to you as quickly as possible while maintaining our standards of care and consideration. Please be patient with us as we move through these turbulent times with you. Thank you again! 

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