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Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

in a year of so many tragedies, large and small, personal and collective, we believe community care is so important for healing.

Small actions, especially during times of unprecedented stress, can have a huge impact. So bring someone you love a smile with recommendations from our 2020 holiday gift guide.

In recognition of the many ways capitalist systems cause harm, especially to marginalized communities, we've listed a few options at the end of our holiday gift guide that are low-cost or free.

As a small business, we have been deeply grateful for the support we've received from donations and for our recent book launch. Your support has been meaningful. We want to return the favor.


Our Newest Release!

"In these chapters, we gain a front row seat to the collective 'processing' that produced and distributed lesbian records, and meet the first generation of fans to experience women’s music as lesbian liberation."

— Bonnie J. Morris, PhD, author of Eden Built by Eves, The Disappearing L, and The Feminist Revolution​

For a LIMITED TIME we are offering 50 signed copies for sale. The book is also available as an eBook! Find our book launch recording here and Ginny's interview with KPFA here. Read more about the book here.


Our Bestsellers and Award-Winners

by Gloria Anzaldúa

Borderlands/La Frontera remaps what a “border” is, presenting it not as a simple divide between here and there, us and them, but as a cultural terrain that we inhabit, and that inhabits all of us.

edited by Piyali Bhattacharya

Good Girls Marry Doctors is filled with honest stories, heartbreaking and hilarious, from an array of powerful women.

edited by Pallavi Dhawan, Devi S. Laskar, and Tamika Thompson

Graffiti shows what writers-of-color do when they can scribble, scrawl, and speculate, without being politicized or exoticized.

by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz

First published in 1992, the hard-hitting essays in this collection scan connections: whether the topic is racism, Israel and Palestine, or anti-Semitism the issue is power—in all its complexity.

by Juliana Delgado Lopera

¡Cuéntamelo! is “[a] stunning collection of bilingual oral histories and illustrations by LGBT Latinx immigrants who arrived in the U.S. during the 80s and 90s. All stories in this book have both an English and Spanish version.

by LeAnne Howe

This novel traces the history of Auda Billy whose destiny it is to solve the murders of a legendary 18th century Choctaw warrior and Choctaw Chief Redford McAlester —with the help of a powerful spirit known as the Shell Shaker.


Staff Recommendations

Our picks

From top left, clockwise: The Lowest Blue Flame Before Nothing by Lara Stapleton, City of One by WritersCorps, Making Face, Making Soul edited by Gloria Anzaldúa, I Remember: Writings by Bosnian Women Refugees edited by Radmila Manojlović Žarković.

Book lists


Free or Low-Cost Gift ideas

We do our best to price our books as affordably as possible while covering our costs, but we understand that financial burden can be a barrier. We have compiled a few ideas that offer alternatives!

  • POOR Press offers sliding scale prices on their publications, which include Poverty Scholarship, How to Not Call the Po'lice Ever, and Po' People's Survival Guide thru COVID 19 and the Virus of Poverty.

  • If you live in an area with pine trees, sprout a pinecone and give them the budding plant. Here are some other plant ideas too.

  • Write a song or a poem to or about them. Bonus points if you can sing it or read it to them!

  • Have an old piece of clothing and some thread? Try making a mask.

  • Is there a dish that makes you think of them? Adapt a recipe you love in their honor by tweaking a few things (or if you're really feeling it, you could make something original) and write it out in a note for them. Extra love if you are able to make them the dish!

  • If your intended gift recipient has a pet, is there anything low cost or free you can do for their pet? Maybe you can embroider a collar for your loved one, or make a personalized sign for their animal's kennel, aquarium, or sleeping area.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and if you do use any of these ideas, please tag us on our social media! Have a happy holiday season! ~ The Aunt Lute Team


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