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Give the gift of books

Aunt Lute family,

Once again the year comes to a close, and we are ever thankful for your continued love and support. Looking back at all we've done, we know we couldn't have done it without you.

We put on not one, but two Home in the Bay events, which provided much needed community medicine. We celebrated 40 years of Aunt Lute through interviews, newsletters and culminating in the powerful anniversary reading in October. 2022 also saw the release of Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Fifth Edition! Plus so many new things happening here behind-the-scenes.

Looking ahead, we can't wait to share more with you on our upcoming titles, events and partnerships. But that'll have to wait until next year.

From all of us,

The Aunt Lute Team

2023 Gift Guide

Winter Gift Guide, covers of The Two Mujeres, Miko Kings, Reclaiming Medusa and Borderlands/La Frontera arranged over white background.

The Aunt Lute staff have curated a holiday guide of our favorite and newest releases to make gift-giving a little easier this year. We have also included some free or low-cost gift recommendations to help celebrate this season! Gift Ideas:

Free or Low-Cost Gift ideas

  • POOR Press offers sliding scale prices on their publications, which include Poverty Scholarship, How to Not Call the Po'lice Ever, and Po' People's Survival Guide thru COVID 19 and the Virus of Poverty.

  • Write a song or a poem to or about them. Bonus points if you can sing it or read it to them!

  • Is there a dish that makes you think of them? Adapt a recipe you love in their honor by tweaking a few things (or if you're really feeling it, you could make something original) and write it out in a note for them. Extra love if you are able to make them the dish!

Give the gift of books

Aunt Lute Books has something for everyone. Books to energize. Books to inspire. Books to center your feelings.

Use code "HOLIDAY22" for a 20% discount off all our titles on SPD's website this holiday season.

Fundraising Update

We so appreciate every single donation we got this year. It's been crucial in helping us stay afloat.

We were aiming high and wanted to raise $40,000 by Giving Tuesday, but that date has come and gone and we have yet to hit our goal. The cost of doing our work keeps going up, and funding avenues we've used in the past are dwindling.

If you can donate even $5, we would greatly appreciate your support to help us keep going.


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