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An even stronger Aunt Lute

Our most exciting year yet

2024 brings Aunt Lute into a whole new world and we want you to be part of it. Here are just a few things we have planned for the new year:

  • A new Executive Director

  • Publication of two books (Keep A'Livin' and Doll Seed)

  • A special event for Gloria Anzaldúa

  • Upgrades and expansions to our ability to print and produce back catalogue titles

  • First steps in exploring audiobook production

  • Launch events with Kathya Alexander and Michele Tracy Berger

We know these are ambitious plans, and this is why it's important that we keep you, our Aunt Lute community, involved.

Here is a short message from our Operations Director:

"We embark in a new era where we must transition under new leadership, and set the foundation for an even stronger Aunt Lute, one that can thrive in spite of inflation, a drop in sales all across the publishing industry, censorship, and institutionalized violence towards women’s and queer bodies, and bodies of color, and bodies that just don’t fit the patriarchal and white supremacy norm."

Without your support, Aunt Lute Books cannot meet the challenges ahead.


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