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Google Doodle Honors Gloria Anzaldúa

On Tuesday, we woke up to find a familiar face honored on Google — a search engine that processes around 3.5 billion searches per day: Gloria Anzaldúa!

Happy 75th birthday Gloria Anzaldúa! It was powerful to see Anzaldúa, who was a queer, feminist, Chicana scholar, so publicly celebrated, and heartening to see this symbol of the borderlands taking over the internet. Social media platforms showcased an outpouring of love for the late Chicana scholar, including favorite quotes and reflections on the importance of her work. If you missed out on the day's excitement, we compiled a list of media outlets who honored Anzaldúa's legacy on her 75th birthday.

Washington Post "Gloria E. Anzaldua: Google Doodle salutes ‘Borderlands’ author who defied divisive bias" Time "Google Doodle Celebrates Gloria E. Anzaldúa's Birthday. Here's What to Know About Her" The Independent "Gloria E Anzaldúa: Five facts about the cultural scholar you need to know" CNET "Google Doodle honors culture scholar Gloria E. Anzaldúa" Telesur "Chicana Writer Gloria Anzaldua Lives on as Her Memory is Celebrated" Colorlines "Google Recognizes Queer Chicanx Scholar Gloria Anzaldúa with New Doodle" Billboard "5 Things to Know About Today's Google Doodle, Gloria E. Anzaldúa" Refinery29 "Today's Google Doodle Sends Another Important Political Message" Feministing "Five Gloria Anzaldúa Quotes to Inspire Your Resistance"

Tag Aunt Lute Books on your social media platforms if you share your words on Anzaldúa's legacy, we'd love to hear what you have to say!

(Image via whereismemente)

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