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Our Indigenous Flesh: LeAnne Howe & ire’ne lara silva discuss bodies, land, and healing

In September 2015, Aunt Lute hosted “Our Indigenous Flesh,” a reading and discussion on the role of indigenous literatures, indigenous queerness, and the mystique of women of color writers. Aunt Lute authors LeAnne Howe and ire’ne lara silva came together to read from their latest titles, and followed with an insightful discussion on writing, indigeneity and sites of violence and healing in both land and in our flesh.

ire’ne lara silva, who read from her novel flesh to bone, spoke to the significance of writing. “Who really is this story saving or helping? Well, there’s a damage to the body, to the bodies, to the people. And then there’s a damage to both the psychological, and emotional and spiritual that the knowledge of that kind of violence does to us all. And we have to speak to that. And we have to find a way to heal ourselves and to be able to act, because if you’re in despair you cannot act.”

LeAnne Howe, author of Choctalking on Other Realities, read new and unpublished work, remarking, “our lives as native women are surrounded by this story, because I carry it on my back. I embody those stories. I am the first generation out of four, not to be in a federal boarding schooling… As a consequence I am responsible in some way for telling these stories.”

We are dedicated to programming events where our authors may enthusiastically engage with their audience and each other. We’re currently planning upcoming events, so please stay tuned for an announcement.

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