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Gloria Yamato


As a lesbian of African American descent, Gloria Yamato is settling into the satisfaction of writing for a living. She has worked for many years with social service and social change organizations. Her writing has appeared in anthologies and publications, including Diversity: The Lesbian Rag and Making Face Making Soul/Haciendo Caras. She earned a master’s degree in interdisciplinary arts with a concentration in creativity and arts education at San Francisco State University. She currently resides in the Bay Area.





New Voices 1

An Anthology of Native American Women Writers

By DeeAnne DavisRabie Harris, and Gloria Yamato

This collection showcases three previously unpublished writers of great talent. Rabie Harris writes about an old Jamaican woman, put into a Texas homecare facility by her daughter. The novella keeps astounding pace as the protagonist reports the unfolding drama of her two roommates. Gloria Yamato, in her three stories and long poem, locates those exact moments when African Americans are forced into painful racialized consciousness. DeeAnne Davis uses the streets of Chicago as a setting for four chapters from her forthcoming novel about an unlikely liaison between a young teenage girl and a gay cabbie.

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