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Sylvia Mendoza Aviña

Sylvia Mendoza Aviña, Ph.D. (she/her/ella) is an assistant professor in Mexican American Studies at UTSA in the department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her research interests reflect her deep personal and professional commitment to centering the histories of communities that have historically been erased or grossly misrepresented within history through Chicanx/Latinx feminist research methodologies, Chicanx Cultural Studies, women of color feminisms, and critical youth studies.



El Mundo Zurdo 9

Selected Works from the 2022 Meeting of 
the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa


Edited by Sylvia Mendoza Aviña, Sonya M. Alemán, and Adrianna M. Santos 

Aunt Lute Books is excited to announce the publication of El Mundo Zurdo 9, the newest collection of diverse essays and poetry that offer scholarly and creative responses inspired by the life and work of Gloria Anzaldúa, selected from the 2022 meeting of The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa. 

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