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Transphobic and Homophobic Policy

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, an important day to honor in the midst of an outpouring of violent, transphobic policy erupting from legislative bodies around the country and the world. Often visibility for trans people is dangerous. The actions from the governments of Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, Kentucky, Arkansas, Minnesota, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, and Rhode Island make the world less safe for trans people. When trans bodies are policed, all bodies are policed. You can learn more about this here:

Binary views of gender are rooted in restriction, in discrimination that feminists have so long fought against. And at the same time, we at Aunt Lute want to recognize the ways in which trans-exclusionary feminists have contributed to the fear and violence trans people face. We stand in solidarity with trans people today. Aunt Lute’s mission is to make the world a safer place for all by valuing the humanity we all share. We do so through literature. While we encourage all who wish, particularly trans people, to submit their writing to us for publication, we understand that other resources may be necessary. There is no singular road of activism, instead, there are many paths. Below we share some resources available to trans folks around the nation as well as educational resources for those looking to learn more.

Trans people are not the only ones under attack. With the passing of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, we see the homophobia supported by politicians and media giants alike. The founders of Aunt Lute are queer women. So many of our supporters and audience are queer. Below are some resources for those looking to support the LGBTQIA community against this policy.

These bills and laws are heartbreaking to see and to understand the ignorance and violent feelings behind them. As an intersectional feminist press, we see the hate in these policies as deeply tied together by the overarching oppression of cis-hetero and white supremacist patriarchy. We at Aunt Lute remain steadfast in our commitment to eliminate the thinking that any one of us is undeserving of rights and dignity based on our gender or sexuality. We stand with our LGBTIA+ readership.

National Resources

San Francisco/Bay Area Resources

Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & Recovery Services


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