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Solidarity with the Feminist Revolution in Iran and with our Iranian Community

To Our Aunt Lute Community,

Aunt Lute Books stands in solidarity with the protestors in Iran who are taking a stand against the violent government crackdowns and in response to the murder of Jina Amini by the Morality Police. We stand in solidarity with our Iranian writer community and the greater local Iranian community in the Bay Area.

As an intersectional, feminist press, our place in global conversations on oppression is in support of those fighting for their rights, to freedom, to personal sovereignty, to safety. We honor the ways in which Iranians are sharing their own stories. The power of their words is changing the world for the better, and we encourage our whole community to do the work to amplify their voices.

We have collected a list of different ways you can support this feminist movement from different Iranian organizations and individuals:

  • Use the hashtags #JinaAmini, #MahsaAmini, and #womanlifefreedom when posting content around the protests.

  • Share the stories, protest art, protest music, and poetry coming from those who are directly engaged in the revolution.

  • Share well-documented strategies for feminist revolutions from other countries and communities, especially from non-Western countries.

  • Contact your representatives in congress, parliament, city councils, etc., and ask them to identify and freeze assets in your country of residence that belong to Islamic Republic officials engaged in repression.

  • Express through social media and any other channels you have available to you your support and encouragement.

  • Attend gallery events and exhibitions showing Iranian artists.

  • Keep your support focused on the Iranian people fighting for their own liberation, not on Western intervention.

  • Center the voices of Kurdish, Baluchi, and other ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and LGBTQIA+ people who have long been vulnerable targets of the regime.

We implore you all to continue to engage with this situation even as Western coverage has died down over the last few weeks. A feminist revolution is happening, and we cannot look the other way as a government attempts to violently quash it.

Here are some social media accounts and websites to follow for more information. We welcome suggestions for additions by email to


  • Center for Human Rights in Iran

  • Amnesty International Iran

  • Human Rights Iran

  • Iran Human Rights

  • Samira Mohyeddin

  • BBC News Persian

  • Hengaw Organization

  • Collective for Black Iranians

  • Iranians For Abolition

  • Morehshin Allahyari

  • 4 Ways to Help Iranians

  • Gelare


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