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It's here! Borderlands, the Critical Edition is out now!

The critical edition of Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, written by the incredible queer feminist Gloria Anzaldúa, edited by Ricardo F. Vivancos-Pérez and Norma E. Cantú, is here! After weeks of waiting, the critical edition is available now!

Featuring an afterword by scholar AnaLouise Keating, this conclusive exploration into the iconic text that changed the course of Chicanx, queer, and feminist theory breathes new life into the themes still present in today’s political and social climate. At the same time this book offers insight into the construction of Anzaldúa’s philosophies.

“Ricardo F. Vivancos-Pérez’s meticulous archival work and Norma Elia Cantú’s life experience and expertise converge to offer a stunning resource for Anzaldúa scholars; for writers, artivists, and activists inspired by her work; and for everyone. Hereafter, no study of Borderlands will be complete without this beautiful, essential reference.”
— Paola Bacchetta, Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley

Congratulations to the lucky people who preordered the book for a nice discount. You can hear about our deals by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media!


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