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Help us get Olivia on the Record in the canon

"In a time when lesbians’ participation in mainstream culture and politics is often taken for granted, we need to recognize the miraculousness of what Olivia achieved. A few years after Stonewall, Olivia not only created the first women’s record label, but in the face of pervasive bigotry and repression carved out a vibrant political space for lesbian freedom."

—Barbara Smith, co-founder of the Combahee River Collective

We believe Olivia on the Record is a vital contribution to the studies of women, gender, sexuality, and feminism. We want to get it in more classrooms, shelves, and required reading in music history curriculum.

So we're reaching out to ask if you can do us a favor and share this post with just one person.

If even half our followers sent info on Olivia on the Record to a friend, a teacher, a librarian, a music lover, that could get hundreds of people more aware of the radical history of women's music.

Image of book on table. Book cover is teal to white gradient with black and white image of people laughing and posing. Text on book reads: Olivia on the Record. A Radical Experiment in Women's Music. Ginny Z Berson

Olivia on the Record is an inviting, teachable introduction to Second Wave women's culture through the people and projects of women's music. The book's narrative, personal style welcomes undergraduate readers, and the wealth of detail is a treasure-trove for graduate students and researchers

— Linda Garber, author of Identity Poetics: Race, Class, and the Lesbian-Feminist Roots of Queer Theory, and Tilting the Tower: Lesbians / Teaching / Queer Subjects


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