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Call for publicists!

Aunt Lute is seeking to build out our publicist directory. 

Are you interested? Send us your portfolio!

Do you love finding the perfect audience for funky, niche books? Are you prepared to get books featured in publications with big followings? Do you have the willingness and determination to send a ton of emails?

Whatever your focus, there are a bunch of unique books coming from Aunt Lute we’d love to get publicity help with. Show off your communication skills, or build out your portfolio through projects with us.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to align your creative ambitions and interests with your intersectional feminist values, send your portfolio and a short personal statement to

Freelancing with Aunt Lute Books

  • Get paid hourly or a per/project stipend depending on the needs of the project, staff, and you!

  • Collaborate on concepts and have your voice heard as a valuable part of the creative process.

  • Work virtually and on your own schedule.

  • Be included on our contact list of independent artists seeking work in the publishing world, which will be available to other trusted activist and arts organizations in our community (with your consent).


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