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Black History Month Reads

We care deeply about the sharing and reading of Black authors, and using this time to reflect, remember and celebrate Black history in the US. We hope you add some books to your reading list, and continue to reflect and evaluate your anti-racism work, along with us, year-round. Aunt Lute Books is sharing our book recs for not only the books we have published, but the other radical works we love to read.


What are your book recs for Black History Month and beyond?

Book covers over green background. Text reads: Aunt Lute reads for Black History Month. Sister Outside by Audre Lorde. Muslim Cool by Su'ad Abdul Khabeer. Semi by Audre Lorde. Banned by Alice Walker. Island Queen by Vanessa Riley. Unbound by Tarana Burke. The Broken Earth Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin. The Unforgetting Heart by Asha Kanwar.


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