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Aunt Lute Books Submissions FAQ

Is Aunt Lute Books accepting submissions?

2022 submissions are open! In order to submit manuscripts for our consideration, you must fill out the application form on

All submissions must be submitted online. If you require assistance or a different arrangement due to incarceration, disability, or accessibility, please reach out to What is Aunt Lute Books looking for?

Before submitting, we encourage you to consider how your manuscript relates to Aunt Lute's mission.

Aunt Lute Books is an intersectional, feminist press dedicated to publishing literature by those who have been traditionally underrepresented in or excluded by the literary canon. Core to Aunt Lute’s mission is the belief that the written word is critical to understanding and relating to each other as humans.Through the sharing of stories, we strengthen ties across cultures and experiences, and at the same time honor the hurt, loss, and harm incurred through structural power imbalances, prejudiced and gendered systems, and ancestral trauma. We uplift these voices in order to build a more just future. Please read the full mission statement before filling in the submission form. How long until I hear back? Once submitted, please expect to hear back from us within 3-6 months. We know this is slower than many larger presses, and unfortunately this is our capability in this time. We appreciate your patience. What types of manuscripts do you accept?

We are open to looking at all manuscripts, but we do have notes regarding certain genres. We do not accept children's books or single-author submissions of poetry.

Though we do take submissions for niche genres, we want to acknowledge that we may not be the best fit to publish and publicize certain genres that have a competitive marketplace, so please consider this before applying.

Can I resubmit?

Yes! We do ask that you only resubmit if the manuscript has gone through revisions.

What do I do if I have made changes to the manuscript I submitted?

If you have revised and changed your manuscript, you are welcome to resubmit.

May I withdraw my submission if it is accepted by another publisher?

Yes. Please email if your manuscript submission status needs to be changed.

May I submit on behalf of someone else?

Yes, but you must have the rights and permission before submitting. Please indicate that you have obtained these in your application to be considered.

In what format should my submission be?

We prefer that you submit a Word document, using Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced and with page numbers.

Do I have to submit the first 20-40 pages of my manuscript as my submission? Or can it be any 20-40 pages from my manuscript?

We will accept 20-40 pages of your manuscript, and you can decide if it’s the first pages or another passage. Please make sure to fill in the synopsis with info that will help us understand the context for the selection you make.

Does my manuscript need to be completed before submitting?

No, but we do need to know that your manuscript is not complete upon submission.

What do I do if I am working with a particular editor?

Please include the editor’s name in your description, and explain why they are a part of this project. We will do our best to be flexible with requests, but we cannot promise we can accommodate all requests.

What do I do if I want to request a specific editor?

Please include any requests regarding your manuscripts in your description when you submit your application.

Does Aunt Lute offer any resources for writers aiming to produce literary programming along with a submitted manuscript?

Yes, we have held programming and events in coordination with a novel before. If programming would make a good addition to your manuscript proposal, you can include a short proposal in your application form. Include this in your answer to the “Please give us a synopsis or overview of the entire work” section of the application.

Where do I submit my manuscript?

Fill out this application form: [button]

Please do not submit your manuscripts by email or snail mail. Manuscripts submitted in these ways will not be considered.

Does Aunt Lute offer any resources for authors trying to get published?

Yes, Aunt Lute has sponsored programming intended to provide writers with resources.

Submissions Form Questions

Why does Aunt Lute ask for my Email?

We currently use email as our primary form of communication. Any updates or questions regarding your submission will be sent to the email you provide us!

Why does Aunt Lute ask “How do you see your work in relation to this mission?”

Aunt Lute Books is an intersectional, feminist press dedicated to publishing literature by those who have been traditionally underrepresented in or excluded by the literary canon. We ask you to review our mission statement and let us know how you believe your work helps push forward these values.

Why am I asked for a biography?

With the number of submissions our team receives, it is impossible for us to personally meet every writer. A short single paragraph biography allows us to get to know you, your interests, your work, and how we might be a good press for you given your experiences.

Why do you ask for a synopsis of the work?

We only have the capacity to read a small portion of each manuscript submission. A synopsis allows us context and storyline.

What does it mean when you ask what state my manuscript is in?

As part of your submission, we would like to know where in the writing process your manuscript is. For example: (Complete and edited 130 pages) (Nearly complete 40,000 words)

Please upload a 20-40 page sample of your manuscript.

We are asking for a small sample of your work. Please attach a word document of your manuscript sample. Word document, using Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced and with page numbers.

Why does Aunt Lute ask for my pronouns when I submit a manuscript?

Pronouns are the words you would prefer other people use to refer to you. As we discuss each work we receive, we want to treat each of our submitters with the dignity they deserve and refer to them in ways that respect their identity and autonomy over how they are perceived. Please include your pronouns when you submit. Examples include she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs.

Why do you ask for the title of my submission?

We would like to know how to refer to your work when discussing it. If you have not yet decided on the title of your work, you can submit your working title. Titles may not remain the same through the editing process if we choose to publish your work.


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