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All the work still to be done.

Aunt Lute family,

Forty years...who would have believed it? It certainly wasn't on our mind when Barb Wieser and I started Aunt Lute out of a garage so many years ago—an endeavor to make known the LGBQT and women of color writers who were barely able to be published at the time.

All those years of amazing women and LGBQT staff who have worked for low wages because they believe the work important; all the support from donors who donated because they also believe the work important. All the amazing writers who brought to fruition important thoughts, lessons, visions. Texts that continue to resonate.

And all the work still to be done. Today is as difficult as any other time in Aunt Lute history as we continue to see the lack of literary accessibility for writers with new thoughts about their futures and those of their communities. The gate keepers continue to be those who do not represent the authors we want to be there for—those passionate writers who will lead us towards a time we’d rather be living in. A more just time that includes all of us.

Aunt Lute would never have survived these past forty years without our individual donors. They have been true partners in our publishing endeavors, trusting us to use their monies for what matters to them. It has always been a rocky road, economically, for Aunt Lute, and it has always been the generosity of donors that has kept us going. And underpinned a continued belief in ourselves and our work.

In return, we try to approach you only when our need is there—knowing that you have other important causes that also deserve your support. This is definitely a time of need as we meet new challenges from the shifting demands of the publishing industry and the politics of our times.

But it is also a time of have kept the doors open for so long. If in this spirit of celebration you can donate to help us continue this journey...great. But even if you can’t, please just drop us a line—any way that works for you—to say you’re with us. That you read our books. That you cheer us on...

Fundraising Update

We're so so gracious for all the donations we've been getting to our 40th anniversary fundraiser.

As a nonprofit, we've been hit hard over the last few years. The cost of doing our work keeps going up, and funding avenues we've used in the past are dwindling.

We are aiming high and trying to raise $40,000 by Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2022 to support our work.

If you can't support us financially right now, we ask that you consider sharing our fundraiser on social media, forward this email to friends, continue sharing our books and the stunning work of our authors with others, and continue to read radical works.


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