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3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YE....

Oh dear, are things still looking the same?

If you don't want more of the same old harrowing trauma of patriarchy, colonization, white supremacy, and capitalist violence this next year, there is still something you can do! You can make a donation to your local intersectional feminist press Aunt Lute Books.

Change takes time, but it isn't impossible. And we at Aunt Lute work every day to make it more possible, bringing our community the wisdom that these oppressive forces try to silence through our publications and programming. The time is now. We are more aware than ever of the costs of our current way of life, the discrimination, the hardship, the genocide. We ask that you invest in collective and intersectional transformation however you can.

So, before you close out 2023, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Aunt Lute. If you happen to be experiencing substantial benefits from these existing oppressive systems, we hope you will consider making a substantial donation. We will do everything we can.

If donating isn't possible for you at this time, keep an eye out for opportunities to join our volunteer board or to weigh in on our upcoming book covers. There are many rivers that feed into liberation. 


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