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'Olivia on the Record' Book Launch Recording

The long awaited book, Olivia on the Record by Ginny Berson, detailing the rise and fall of the infamous women's music, lesbian run, record label is now available on our website!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended the virtual book launch! We had such a great time listening to Ginny's readings, the musical performances by Mary Watkins and Cris Williamson, and we hope you had a wonderful time as well. Much love and gratitude for your support!

The eBook will be out soon, our team is hard at work and it will be released before December comes around. In the meantime, take a look at our current eBooks here.

"In a time when lesbians’ participation in mainstream culture and politics is often taken for granted, we need to recognize the miraculousness of what Olivia achieved. A few years after Stonewall, Olivia not only created the first women’s record label, but in the face of pervasive bigotry and repression carved out a vibrant political space for lesbian freedom."

—Barbara Smith, co-founder of the Combahee River Collective

"The women’s music movement was a revolution for rights and dignity, carving out a space where none existed before: for women to seize ownership of their own narrative, for lesbians who had never been reflected in popular music, for women to write love songs to other women. A small collective of idealistic women with absolutely no experience in the music business created a model that would change the landscape for all women, indeed, for all people."

—Vicki Randle, musician

Interested in more books by lesbian writers? You can browse our selection on our website here.

Watch the virtual book launch recording below!

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