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Queering Cuentos

When: May 28-June 13th Where: McAllen Public Library, McAllen, TX This spring, Aunt Lute Books is sponsoring a series of poetry and visual art workshops in McAllen, Texas. The Rio Grand Valley Poetry Project, managed by award-winning author Emmy Pérez, invited Pérez and RGV artists and educators Celeste De Luna and Veronica Sandoval, AKA Lady Mariposa, to create curricula around the work of Chicana writer and theorist Gloria Anzaldúa. Veronica Sandoval's poetry courses, Queering Cuentos, is open to the public, offering courses for LGBTQIA+ teens and adults!

Poetry workshops meant to produce intergenerational Gloria Anzaldúan discourse through contemporary narratives of borderland LGBTQIA+ lives. By exploring Anzaldúa’s poetry and theories, workshop participants will work towards unpacking the complicated tapestry of todos los cuentos that define us, composing poetry that encapsulates our movimientos de rebeldía, our politicization, our resistance, our survival, and our naming.

Pre-registration is required. Please follow this link:

Email with any specific questions. Please feel free to download and share this flyer widely: higher-res flyers available by emailing More public events related to this project will be shared soon. Follow our Facebook event for all of the latest updates!

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