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33rd Annual Empowering Womxn of Color Conference

Aunt Lute will be tabling at EWOCC Saturday, March 17th! Stop by and enjoy our titles in person and check out some of the amazing folks who will be speaking/tabling/performing during this celebration empowering womxn of color.


Actualizing Freedom, Asserting Presence, Cultivating Power

March 17th, 2018 UC Berkeley 8:00am-5:00pm Keynote Conversation: Fania Davis + Charlene Carruthers Plenary Panel Topic: Sanctuary Space

The 33rd Annual Empowering Womxn of Color Conference, “Free Space, Our Space:Actualizing Freedom, Asserting Presence, Cultivating Power” is a declaration of the power and agency womxn of color possess in society. In the places we occupy -- work, school, home, and wherever else we find ourselves -- we have the right to exist freely. Freedom of self determination and self expression transforms how we navigate all spaces and define a future of inclusivity and community strength. When we allow ourselves the space to be free, our assertion of freedom disrupts and transcends the oppressive limits around us. When we assert our presence, we center not only our bodies, but our intellectual, emotional, spiritual and cultural contributions.

Through a series of innovative workshops, a panel discussion, and speakers, we will explore how we as womxn of color can declare our right to the space we need to thrive. As we proudly celebrate 33 years of the Empowering Womxn of Color Conference, we invite self- identified womxn of color of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, immigration statuses, gender presentations, sexual orientations, nationalities, religions, and cultural backgrounds to join us.

Together, through discussion, community building, and healing we will define what ‘safe space’ means on our own terms. EWOCC is a place specifically built by us and for us. Founded in 1985, EWOCC was one of the first conferences to present womxn of color with an opportunity to address the most pressing racial, class, and gender issues we face. As inheritors of this legacy we must work to ensure that EWOCC grows as a radically inclusive space. EWOCC is Our Space. It is our time to build and strengthen community, practice radical vulnerability, and manifest a future where our communities are protected.

Free Space, Our Space: Actualizing Freedom, Asserting Presence, Cultivating Power is a statement about holding space for ourselves in a space that doesn’t hold space for us.


For additional accomodations (breastfeeding, ADA accessibility + ASL interpretation, dietary needs etc.) or other concerns and questions:

Please send us an email at or send us a direct message via our Facebook page.

Also check out the website for additional information at

We're going digital this year:

Download ExpoPass for the event! Use your eventbrite registration email to sign up.

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