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Small Press Distribution: Authors on Aunt Lute

We are honored to be welcomed into Small Press Distribution’s family! In celebration of the collaboration, SPD has invited some of their favorite authors and artists to discuss titles from Aunt Lute Books. Cassandra Gillig, Celeste De Luna, Sandra K. Soto, and Stephanie Young explore the significance of work by Judy Grahn and Gloria Anzaldúa in both the past and the present. Young considers A Simple Revolution, written by Judy Grahn, explaining how Grahn corrects “the historicization of a feminist moment still told too often as only white, only middle class.”

The rich history of Aunt Lute is illuminated through this series; the authors bring to life the value of the work done by Aunt Lute. “Borderlands refutes the worn out dualistic thinking that we have come to inherit,” writes author Sandra K. Soto on Gloria Anzaldúa, “instead it queerly works against authenticity and certainty, imagining new works in which differences generate the dialectal spark that Audre Lorde conjured.” Small Press Distribution sparks an important conversation about how writing can be transformative through the personal and political realms. Through the series the authors and artists offer insight into how the works published by Aunt Lute have enriched not only their writing, but their lives.

Read all entries here.

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