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[Deadline Feb. 1] Call for Submissions: IMANIMAN: Gloria Anzaldúa Anthology

Ire’ne lara silva, author of flesh to bone, and co-editor Dan Vera are currently seeking submissions for IMANIMAN: Poets Reflect on Transformative & Transgressive Borders Through Gloria Anzaldúa’s Work, a forthcoming anthology of essays, poetry, and hybrids of the two.

This collection is in celebration of groundbreaking poet, scholar, and theorist Gloria Anzaldúa, author of Borderlands/La Frontera and editor of the This Bridge Called My Back and Making Face, Making Soul/Haciendo Caras anthologies.

We invite poets to submit either:

  • Prose/poetry hybrids of 500 – 2000 words OR

  • Poetry of up to 1000 words.

Please read the following note from the editors:

IMANIMAN: Nahuatl for ‘their soul’

We are looking for work that is sparked from the soul, the individual soul, the communal soul. We will absolutely not accept academic writing. Our hope is that contributing poets will take the opportunity to leap to unexpected places and speak to the kinds of syntheses that academic work would need an entire book to explain and justify. This is the first anthology of poets writing on and about Gloria Anzaldúa’s work. We invite you to be part of this celebratory exploration.

We are looking for work that directly addresses and/or is in conversation with Gloria Anzaldúa’s work, life, or conceptual ideas. The theme of this anthology is not “Why I love Gloria Anzaldúa…” or “This is how Gloria Anzaldúa changed my life…” but rather an opportunity for poets to reflect on the multiple ideas of borders/fronteras that Anzaldúa’s work unleashed, and an opportunity to interrogate / complicate / personalize these concepts. Transgressive and transformative borders can be of any kind—metaphysical, artistic, gender, identity, physical, ecological, sexual, sociocultural, geopolitical, etc.


Submit your writing here, and join the Facebook group here to stay up-to-date.


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