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Shadow on a Tightrope

Writings by Women on Fat Oppression


Edited by Lisa Schoenfielder and Barb Wieser

Foreword by Vivian Mayer


Shadow on a Tightrope is the first anthology to come out of the fat liberation movement. This classic collection includes articles, personal stories, and poems by fat women about their lives, experiences, and the fat-hating society in which we live.



Shadow does it all… It may be the most important feminist theory published this year.

— Lammas Review


Will open the eyes of even the most fat-phobic. If you read nothing else, read this.

— Feminist Bookstore News

Fear of fat is so entrenched in the American mind that even the most radical women, who have spent years exploring and rebuilding women’s consciousness through the Women’s Liberation Movement, have failed to spot the fraud.

— Vivian F. Mayer, The Fat Illusion

Product info:

260 pp  |  Paperback  |  1983  |  5.5 x 0.8 x 8.6 inches  |  ISBN 9781879960244


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