Sara Levi Calderón 


Sara Levi Calderón was born and raised Jewish in México City. She married, gave birth to two children, got divorced, became a sociologist, and then fell in love and learned the wonders of becoming a lesbian.

After all this, she dared to become a writer.



The Two Mujeres

By Sara Levi Calderón

Translated by Gina Kaufer

This is the English translation of the extraordinarily popular Mexican novel that remained on Mexico's Top Ten Best Sellers list long after its initial publication. The protagonist of the novel, Valeria, is a member of a well-to-do Jewish family in Mexico City. She is married and has two sons. Intelligent and sensitive, she realizes that the traditional conventions of her culture and subculture have made her unable to be a whole person, acting as a relatively free agent in the world. Then she falls passionately in love with a woman, and, against tremendous family pressure, finds the courage to leave her conventional life to become the writer she has wanted to be. All the elements of a true romance written with fine literary sensibility.


The English version is excellent in capturing the essence of the original version…The author’s mastery of erotic and romantic imagery is impressive…the novel’s structure allows us to get to know Valeria intimately…

Bay Area Reporter

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