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Front Line Feminism, 1975-1995

Essays from Sojourner's First 20 Years


Edited by Karen Kahn

Foreword by Robin Morgan


This collection features over 80 essays from two decades of news, analysis, interviews, reviews, and letters from one of the nation's oldest and largest women's newspapers, Sojourner: The Women's Forum. These articles are a microcosm of the lively and committed debates around some of the key issues of second-wave feminism: identity politics, economic injustice, politics of the family, reproductive freedom, women's health, sex and sexuality, violence against women, and building alliances. This anthology is a must for everyone interested in a wide-ranging overview of the contemporary U.S. feminist movement and an in-depth analysis of the issues.



For teenagers and twenty-something readers, this book will reveal the last two decades of the women’s movement as years full of energy and grit, personal journeys, collective puzzling, and clarifying debate. For the rest of us, it will serve as a lively and engaging reminder of how we got here and why we’re in this feminist conversation.

— Cynthia Enloe, author of Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics


Frontline Feminism strikes a perfect balance between celebration of achievement and critique of failure.

— Book Watch


This anthology is an excellent example of the paper’s commitment to publishing not only respected voices in the community (Adrienne Rich, Angela Davis, etc.) but also the writing of lesser-known women… This book is a must read for anyone interested in the history of the women’s movement in the US.

— The Public Eye


Frontline Feminism suggests a vision of a truly inclusive women’s movement.

— Women’s Review of Books

Contributors include:

Cheryl Clarke

Pam Mitchell
Patti Capel Swartz

Barbara Smith

Audre Lorde

Carole Ann Fer and Gloria Melnitsky

Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz and Irena Klepfisz

Paula Gunn Allen

Karen Kahn

Sonia Shah

Margaret Robison

Mary Frances Platt

Molly Lovelock

Elaine Bell Kaplan

Johanna Brenner

Carly Lund

Susan Eisenberg

Harneen Chernow and Susan Moir

Rebecca Ratcliff

Joni Seager

Kip Tiernan and Fran Froehlich

Rebecca Johnson

Randy Albelda

Tori Joseph

Pat Gowens

Gloria Z. Greenfield

Karen Lindsey

Barbara Macdonald

Ruth Geller

Ellen Herman

Susan Shapiro

J. Kay

Mi Ok Bruining

Roxanna Pastor

Judith E. Beckett

Kathi Maio

Kate Huard

Jezra Kaye

Judith Barrington

Marlene Gerber Fried

Catherine Houser

Karen Schneiderman

Loretta Ross

Asoka Bandarage

Charon Asetoyer

Ellen Samuels

Evelyn C. White

Rita Arditti

Ruth Hubbard, Nachama Wilker, and Marsha Saxton

Dion Farquhar

Camille Motta

Byllye Avery

Rachel Lanzerotti

Linda Wong

Cindy Patton

Laura Briggs

Judith McDaniel and Judith Mazza

Amber Hollibaugh

Mimsi Dorwart

Linda Quint Freeman

R. Judith Vincent

Kate Millet

Margo St. James

Terri Richards

Jayme Ryan

Karen Lindsey

Katy Abel

Karen Lindsey

Sharon Gonsalves

Sabrina Sojourner

Julia Penelope

Carol Sklar

Sandra Antoinette Jaska

Monica Edelman

Lisa Leghorn

Tracey Rogers

Gail Sullivan

Lyri Merrill

Roberta James

Sharon Cox

Ann Russo

Chang Imm Tan

Cathy Wasserman

Julia Mines

Lynn Goods

Adrienne Rich

Judith Stein

Demita Frazier

Barbara Macdonald

Charlotte Bunch

Angela Davis

Mab Segrest

Karen Kahn, Tracy Macdonald and Eva Young

Joanna Kadi

Neta C. Crawford

Suzanne Pharr

Delia D. Aguilar

Product info:

496 pp  |  Paperback  |  1995  |  6 x 1 x 9 inches  |  ISBN 9781879960428

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