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PRIDE: A Recommended Reading List

This June, we are celebrating Pride. As an organization founded by radical lesbian writers and philanthropists, we delight in the celebration of queer identities and experiences.

We also see the ways in which large corporations are capitalizing on Pride merchandise. We feel the harm in monetizing what was a deeply political and controversial movement into another t-shirt.

We are not a large corporation. We are majority queer-run. And we have incredible books we want to share with the world written by queer people who create spaces in their words for expansive visioning beyond the many binary, heteronormative structures we may have been taught.

So, in this timely moment, we celebrate that these books that are creations, labors of love, of pain, and hardship blooming for others to see. Their honesty and vulnerability in their queerness make the world a better place. If you're looking for LGBTQIA+ reads, we hope the options below serve you in all your complexity!


Our Newest Release!

"In these chapters, we gain a front row seat to the collective 'processing' that produced and distributed lesbian records, and meet the first generation of fans to experience women’s music as lesbian liberation."

— Bonnie J. Morris, PhD, author of Eden Built by Eves, The Disappearing L, and The Feminist Revolution​

For a LIMITED TIME we are offering 50 signed copies for sale. The book is also available as an eBook! Find our book launch recording here and Ginny's interview with KPFA here. Read more about the book here.


Featured Titles

by Gloria Anzaldúa

Borderlands/La Frontera remaps what a “border” is, presenting it not as a simple divide between here and there, us and them, but as a cultural terrain that we inhabit, and that inhabits all of us.

by Juli Delgado Lopera

¡Cuéntamelo! is “[a] stunning collection of bilingual oral histories and illustrations by LGBT Latinx immigrants who arrived in the U.S. during the 80s and 90s. All stories have English and Spanish versions.

edited by Imani Harrington and Chyrell Bellamy

This collection of 20 plays creatively explores the HIV/AIDS crisis, especially as women of color in the United States experience it.

by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz

First published in 1992, the hard-hitting essays in this collection scan connections: whether the topic is racism, Israel and Palestine, or anti-Semitism the issue is power—in all its complexity.

edited by Piyali Bhattacharya

Good Girls Marry Doctors is filled with honest stories, heartbreaking and hilarious, from an array of powerful women. This anthology examines the facets of daughterhood in South Asian American families.

by Alice Walker

Throughout her distinguished career, Alice Walker's work has been at the center of controversies around language, censorship, truth and art. This book explores just what it is that various groups have found so threatening in Walker's work.


Our Pride Picks

1. Me As Her Again by Nancy Agabian

2. flesh to bone by ire'ne lara silva

3. Making Face, Making Soul edited by Gloria Anzaldúa

4. Shadow on a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression edited by Lisa Schoenfielder and Barb Wieser​


Alternative Reading

We do our best to price our books as affordably as possible while covering our costs, but we understand that financial burden, and the printed medium, can be a barrier. We have compiled a few ideas that offer accessible alternatives!

- Abantu Audio offers a very affordable monthly subscription for audiobooks and a selection of titles that deserve more recognition.

- also provides audiobooks. Although they cost more than Abantu's, they also have lot of available titles.

- Follow queer people on social media! Some of our favorites are:




~ The Aunt Lute Team


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