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Home In The Bay Event 2, Thank You!

Thank you for joining us for our second Home in the Bay Event!

As we see an increase in the suppression of our communities, creating time and space for persons to share their experiences is crucial. We listened as our readers shared their stories and writings, highlighting their communities and injustices enacted against them.

As a whole, we were awed by the lyricism, knowledge, and power of each storyteller, and we are grateful to have shared space with so many amazing writers and organizations.

Couldn't make it? No worries! We record our Home in the Bay events. Catch up and hear our talented speakers on our YouTube page. View the full second event below!





Join us for the third and final event in our Home in the Bay series on July 20th, 2022! We will be hosting various authors and poets including Tongo Eisen-Martin, E.K. Keith, J Spagnolo, Kim Shuck, Dee Allen, Muteado Silencio, Aunti Frances Moore and tiny gray-garcia aka #povertySkola. Stay tuned for our full lineup announcement, and check out our socials for event updates!

The event will be free and include closed captioning. Please reach out to Aunt Lute Books at if you have any further accessibility needs.

As always we will be recording our event for those who cannot make it! Check out our YouTube page for videos of our previous Home in the Bay events.



Shikha Malaviya

“I worry about the legacy they inherit about how they might be regarded about what will be there to save and savor. If we have already destroyed it and I believe things have changed and will keep changing. That girl who sat in the school cafeteria all alone because others thought her brownness was contagious is now part of a chorus of poets that believe the moment of change is the only poem.”

Raina Leon

"My mother says the cloth of my ancestors makes me bulletproof so I put on a new head wrap every time passive-aggressive head shots fire off of cradle tongues down into the gutters of unswept streets where I'm told that I belong and I'll walk around with cash just in case I pass another cardboard sign giving a fortune to crates just to see more hungry mouths the next month."

Landon Smith

"Nobody even asked where I wanted my body to be buried I'm talking to this soil like everything is a web informed against me."

Maw Shein Win

"I'm hanging out in the waiting room. I am blinking into another eye. Gold shades. Sirens again seeing another city through the window of another's window, I live in a two-second time-lapse."




This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit



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