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Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzaldúan Borderlands, edited by ire’ne lara silva and Dan Vera, is n

In homage to Gloria Anzaldúa and her iconic work Borderlands/La Frontera, award-winning poets ire’ne lara silva and Dan Vera have assembled the work of 54 writers who reflect on the complex terrain—the deeply felt psychic, social, and geopolitical borderlands—that Anzaldúa inhabited, theorized, explored, and invented.

Named for the Nahuatl word meaning “their soul,” Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzaldúan Borderlands presents work that is sparked from the soul: the individual soul, the communal soul. These poets interrogate, complicate, and personalize the borderlands in transgressive and transformative ways, opening new paths and revisioning old ones for the next generation of spiritual, political, and cultural border crossers.

“Within shifting borders–it is good to enter into these voice worlds–to stand, bow & listen in their presence. Peoples, familias, cities, towns, rancherías and the wilderness of all border-crossers & messengers of border spaces open in these pages.” — From the Introduction by Juan Felipe Herrera, US Poet Laureate

Contributors include:

Juan Felipe Herrera

Rodney Gomez

Daniel E. Solís y Martínez

Carmen Calatayud

ire’ne lara silva

Tara Betts

José Antonio Rodríguez

David Hatfield Sparks

Barbara Jane Reyes

Miguel M. Morales

Cecca Austin Ochoa

Cordelia Barrera

Oswaldo Vargas

Emmy Pérez

Dan Vera

Michael Wasson

Melanie Márquez Adams

Tomas Moniz

Gabriela Ramirez-Chavez

D.M. Chávez

Inés Hernández-Avila

Nidia Melissa Bautista

Nadine Saliba

Monica Palacios

Jennine DOC Wright

César L. De León

Nia Witherspoon

Joe Jiménez

Roy G. Guzmán

Veronica Sandoval

Juan Morales

Victor Payan

Abigail Carl-Klassen

Sarah A. Chavez

Rachel McKibbens

jo reyes-boitel

Adela Najarro

Elsie Rivas Gómez

Lupe Mendez

T. Sarmina

Shauna Osborn

Marie Varghese

Allen Baros

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Ysabel Y. González

Minal Hajratwala

Karla Cordero

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo

Pablo Miguel Martínez

Barbara Brinson Curiel

Olga García Echeverría

Suzy de Jesus Huerta

David Bowles

John Fry

Kim Shuck

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