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Review of "flesh to bone" featured in The Journal of American Studies of Turkey

The Journal of American Studies of Turkey published a review of ire’ne lara silva’s flesh to bone in their most recent periodical. Reviewer Laura Reynolds writes:

“silva’s writing is strikingly textured as she draws upon the senses, asking us to smell, touch, see, hear, and feel through the text as she evokes silence and sound, light and dark, desire and pain.”

“In addition to provoking our senses, silva’s words draw upon myths to awaken nightmarish creatures and magical encounters that instill both fear and healing.”

“…through stories of rape, torture, domestic violence, and death, the frightfulness of the supernatural creatures and ghosts highlight the altogether more terrifying horrors of reality. In these stories, the scariest monsters are often human.”

You can read the entire review of flesh to bone here.

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